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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Today we verticut the greens, so they may be rolling a three.
Verticutting is the process of cutting vertically into the green to
promote horizontal growth, reduce grain, and reduce thatch.
Last week we cross shatter tined (see below) the greens.  That
process of aerification allows the soil profile to vent, which
 allows proper gas exchange, reduction in hydrophobic soils, and
an increase in pesticide efficacy during times of heat stress.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The HydroPaths on 4 and 7 are almost completed.  Next week
we will be adding soil more soil and sodding the areas
Thanks to everyone who supported the Greenskeeper Revenge
last year, which funded these projects.
#16 and #1 tees are now complete.  The Zoysia is rooting in
nicely but the fescue takes a little longer.  These tees should
be ready for play by next weekend.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

#16 tees have been sodded with Zoysia.  We will soon sod
the surrounding areas with fescue.
#1 men's tee has been completely resodded with Zoysia.
Its rooting in very well and should be open in a couple of weeks.
I would like to thank Mr. Florence and Mr. Ward for their    
funding, installation and weekly upkeep of the roses
at the men's and women's tees.  Further in the summer we will
be installing stone paths.

Stone curbing was installed around the putting green and we will
continue to dress up other problem areas during the year.

Monday, March 28, 2016


The HydroTurf has been installed behind #7 green and we will
soon begin installing it at #4 path.  This is a great addition to
the course and was funded by the 2015 Greenskeeper Revenge.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's been a long time since posting to the blog, but we are
back up and fully operational.  The maintenance staff is
getting excited for the 2016 golfing season and we have many
items on our to-do list.  This year we will be installing the
HydroTurf at #4 and #7, transplanting extra roses from #9 lake bank
to #18 lake bank, installing stone curbing around the practice green and...
well you will have to check back to see the rest.
Can't wait to see everyone on the course.
Mike Coy, GCS

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring is right around the corner....I hope

The snow and ice this winter has caused damage to almost 30 trees
throughout the course.  We will have to remove about 12 trees
due to excessive damage.

The pumphouse has been demolished and construction has begun. 
The foundation is going to be extended towards #7 fairway.
We should begin pouring concrete next week, as long as the weather
cooperates.  Once the walls have been installed the pumps will be set
and the roof constructed. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Course update

As the 2013 summer is coming to an end, we have now begun
preparing for fall seeding and aerification.  Fall greens
and tees aerification will be September 24-27 and fairway
aerification will be October 1-11.  We will be pulling cores
in all areas this year and incorporating sand in the greens and tees.
Some holes will be closed during aerification for worker safety and
to speed up this process.  Check in with the golf shop for daily updates .
This year I will also be posting hole closures and the aerification process
on TWITTER @michaeloxmoor for your convenience.   

You will begin seeing a lot of areas turning white throughout the
course.  A new chemical has been introduced to the golf industry
that eradicates bermuda, Dallis grass, and goose grass in fescue, rye,
and bentgrass with little to no damage.  These areas turn white because
the chemical is inhibiting the plant from producing chlorophyll. 
This is a pretty exciting product that many superintendents having been
dreaming of for a very long time.  Something that can control Bermuda
in bentgrass is a miracle and will prevent us from doing total grass kills
to eradicate. The two pictures below, #3 rough, are our test areas to
see how effective this product will be and to test our rates out before
applying to the fairways.  You will continue to see this for the remainder
of the season.

Pictured above is a healthy Ash tree and below is a soon to be dead Ash.
Many of you have probably heard of the Emerald Ash Borer on the news.
It's now at Oxmoor and has started slowly killing these trees.  At
this time we have approximately 12 Ash trees infected with the borer.  We have
close to 70 Ash trees on the property.  We will soon be removing the infected
trees and treating the remainder.  All trees that are cut down will be burned
at the debris pile to help eradicate this pest.  I will keep you posted!

The Superintendent's Revenge is returning to Oxmoor on
Sunday, October 13, 2013.  All proceeds will go to the purchase
of Knockout Roses to be installed along #9 lake bridge side.
I have posted photoshopped pictures in the clubhouse for
what this space will look like.  I hope everyone can attend
this now annual event for a great time with friends and to
win prizes.